Read Regular

Read Regular
Designed to assist dyslexic readers, Read Regular is a typeface designed by Dutch designer Natascha Frensch. Letterforms like b and d are typically drawn as the same character and then just swapped. Read Regular differentiates these forms by making each unique.
(Link courtesy of Design Observer)

Posted by on April 22, 2005
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  • anonymous

    Where’s the research?

    I have been looking for some proof that this face works but can not find any testing at all. This face makes a pretty big claim without having research to back it up.

  • Sue Kerrigan

    I like this font, it’s very calming/relaxing on the eyes and easy to read. I especially like the b and d as a strategy to avoid letter reversal. I’m dyslexic and a teacher, Im very interested in gettin this font. Is it for sale?

  • Theo Rosendorf

    Hi Sue,

    Last time I checked it wasn’t available. You can always check in with Natascha Frensch, the designer.