DIY “For the Love of God” Only £49.99


Bling! From IARTISTLONDON comes a DIY Damien Hirst kit. iHIRST is only £49.99 which is about £49,999,950.01 less than the original. Place it as a mantlepiece atop your stack of broken TVs.


“Now, with IHIRST you will be able to create your very own replica. We have included a real size plastic skull and and all the crystals you need to create your copy (Yes! Each one of the 8.601 crystals at an incredible price!). Even the glue and the tweezers are included; patience is the only thing you need. It’s a challenge!! You can even customize your design by adding crystals with different colours if you prefer. Choose your tools. With IHIRST you can create an entirely new design or stick to the original one. Enjoy a piece of art that’s as entirely individual as you are yourself.”

Link via → Nick Rosendorf

Posted by on June 25, 2009
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