The Disposable Memory Project

The Disposable Memory Project

The Disposable Memory Project is leaving disposable cameras around the world. People are picking them up, taking a few photos and passing them on. Eventually the cameras return home for The Disposable Memory Project to tell their stories.

There are 169 cameras in 43 countries. 11 have returned home, 45 were found and passed on, and 111 are still missing in action. Have you found one?

Posted by on July 8, 2009
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  • Matthew Knight

    Hey — thanks for the link to the project. A camera just came home today — making it twelve cameras. We’ll be uploading the images tonight. The most recent camera travelled from London to California — even making a trip to Pixar headquarters!

    If anyone wants to take part, please visit the site and hit ‘drop your own’ to create your own camera, or view the camera tracker to find out if any are near you!