TDRme Submission Rules [Ugly Typography]


To win a signed copy of The Typographic Desk Reference, submit to the address below a 600 × 600 graphic of your finest creation of terrible typography. The graphic can contain whatever you like, but must contain the text TDR me. The most appalling example wins.

Submit your typographic nightmare, named as your Twitter handle to:
TDRme [at]

Remember, only Twitter followers of @theorosendorf will qualify.

The submission deadline is Friday July 24th 31st.

Thank you for your submissions. I’m looking forward to some really awful type.


Posted by on July 17, 2009
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  • Eric Guess

    well you’ve definitely set the bar pretty high (low).

  • arturo Rodriguez

    All it’s missing is a 3D page curl!

  • Theodore Rosendorf

    So true… so true…

  • Richard — Accessible Web

    At last, a competition I stand a chance in (although it probably takes real talent to come up with something bad enough). Have sent my entry in, together with tutorial instructions for the thousands who will want rip off my design for their logo.

  • Anton

    Sent. I want to win, but it definitely was fun, glad to participate in a contest where one can actually do something (bizzare :)).

    Regards and good luck to everyone,

  • Allan Siew

    Nothing like Times New Roman with Dingbat.

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