Utrecht City Theatre Identity Presentation

I picked up this video from FontFeed where they ran a story on Edenspiekermann winning two red dot awards for their work with Hering Berlin and Utrecht City Theatre. I was attracted to the video by its ability to communicate the Utrecht City Theatre identity work so well. The brand uses a custom version of Agenda.

“The Agenda caps were modified in various details by Earik to accom­modate the horizontal mirroring we used in the logo. We also use this custom typeface in running titles, i.e. in the programme booklet and for monthly agendas… In the logo and various titles, we use color for the upright caps, grey for the mirrored caps that were superimposed and black for the overlapping areas”

Edo Van Dijk, creative director, Edenspiekermann

Posted by on August 13, 2009
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