Here’s your “immersive experience” – Vitsœ Turns 50

Vitsoe Celebrates 50th Anniversary

I still cringe when I hear the term “immersive experience.” Since the advent of video, Flash, and increased bandwidth, a misunderstanding of medium has attempted to make television out of the internet.

But Vitsoe’s site makes masterful use of the medium, and dare I say, delivers an immersive experience in the process.

Note Vitsoe’s front page video serves a double purpose as a standalone promotion hosted at Vimeo.

Today is Vitsoe’s 50th Anniversary, so check out their sales while admiring their beautiful website.

Posted by on September 4, 2009
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  • Paul F. Koprowski

    I am interested in the cost of the entire system on this web page.
    Do you have any idea of the cost of the system (yours) pictured in dwell, volume 9, September 2009, page 78?
    My Thanks

  • Theodore Rosendorf

    Hi Paul,

    I’m not sure, but Vitsœ has prices published on their site:


  • alandrés

    Hi. I would like to know the title of the song that hear as background.
    thanks! and an amazing job!

  • alandrés

    I found!!!