Design Projections Presents Justine Nagan’s Typeface Documentary in Montréal

Design Projections Poster

Design Projections will host the Canadian premiere of Justine Nagan’s Typeface documentary in Montréal October 6th 2009.

Posted by on September 29, 2009
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  • Jim Moran

    Jean Francois,
    I need your address. I have it at home but need to get these posters to you. Sorry, I can’t tell from the label on your tube.
    Looks like:

    XXXX Xxxxxxx
    Xxxxxx Xxxxx
    Xxxxxx XXXXX

    Oui? merci, Jim

  • Theodore Rosendorf

    Hi Jim,

    I’ve forwarded your note to Jean Francois and masked his address on your comment here.