BMW’s Retinal Branding

BMW flash projecting their logo into the eyes of an unwitting audience.

Via Greg Chambers

Posted by on December 20, 2010
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  • Amy Kyoko Reichenbach

    …and 20 yrs later every participant experienced flashbacks…chuckle…

  • Theo Rosendorf


  • Kathie Cote

    This is interesting and certainly innovative but it also strikes me as creepy somehow.

  • Sebastian Olesko

    was not coca cola doing a similar thing with subliminal messages during movies?

  • Theo Rosendorf

    I’m not sure about Coke. It strikes me as slightly creepy too. The execution does. “Go ahead, close your eyes…” If I were in the audience, I would have missed it. Perhaps it would have been better without instructions.

  • Sebastian Olesko

    i guess it is just fair to get prepared. i don’t want this to be shown to me without any information about it…like an advertising. on the other side it’s just an optical illusion.

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