Inside the office of Hoefler & Frere-Jones

A highlight of 2013, this video was part to a presentation of the AIGA 2013 Medal awards for which Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones were awarded.

From H&FJ’s original post:

In addition to offering an intimate look at two recent works-in-progress, and a tour of H&FJ’s offices in a rare moment of repose, this startling exposé reveals for the first time what ongoing dispute provokes the greatest disagreement between H and FJ. (Hint: this sentence contains five of them.)

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  • _salisae_

    My color teacher insisted that the higher the crossbar on someone’s written lowercase t, the more confident they were. Is this where the bone of contention lies?

  • theorosendorf

    Haha! H&FJ has no shortage of confidence. Crossbars are normally aligned to the x-height. It’s the height of the stem they’re referring to. See here

  • _salisae_

    I was guessing at the conflict in hopes of finding out what it was, but brushing up on my typography language is probably a better idea. ;) Nice video. I love your work!

  • theorosendorf

    Thanks @salisae:disqus !

    I should clarify though, I had nothing to do with that great video.

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