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Yoko reports on design and logical process from New York City. A graduate of UCLA, she studied Design/Media Arts and Linguistics before moving back to NYC where she now designs for fun and work. She likes pandas.

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16 February 2011

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Colours in Culture by AWH

Colours in Culture by AWH →

Always With Honor maps various cultures’ perceptions of color.

Steven Millington, aka Lord Dunsby

Steven Millington, aka Lord Dunsby →

Whimsical and retro illustrations from Lord Dunsby.

John’s Phone: The Anti-Smart Phone

John’s Phone: The Anti-Smart Phone →

If you’re beginning to think that your phone is getting too smart for your own good, then John’s phone might be for you.

Bill Moggridge is awarded the Prince Philip Designer Prize for the GRiD Compass

Bill Moggridge is awarded the Prince Philip Designer Prize for the GRiD Compass →

Bill Moggridge designed the first clamshell computer in 1982 for GRiD Systems in California. 28 years later, he’s been awarded the Design Council’s Prince Philip Designer Prize.

Laptop Case by Natalia Brilli

Laptop Case by Natalia Brilli →

Lamb-leather laptop case with a keyboard molded onto the front.

Frank Aloi for The Little Veggie Patch Co.

Frank Aloi for The Little Veggie Patch Co. →

“The Little Veggie Patch Company based in Melbourne (Australia), is a business that specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of chemical-free vegetable gardens. As much as it is their business, it is their passion to see more people living a greener lifestyle and having fun, growing their own vegetables.” Check out more of Frank […]