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Werner Herzog's Rogue Film School

Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School →

“Werner Herzog’s Rogue School. This is how graphic design should be taught” (via @AJWShaughnessy)


Design Projections Presents Justine Nagan’s Typeface Documentary in Montréal →

Design Projections will host the Canadian premiere of Justine Nagan’s Typeface documentary in Montréal October 6th 2009.

Alex Roman’s “The Third & The Seventh”

Alex Roman’s “The Third & The Seventh” →

No cameras used here… well, physical ones. Alex Roman created and composed this work entirely on the computer…


Died Young, Stayed Pretty →

A documentary on the North American underground poster culture, Died Young, Stayed Pretty is Produced, Directed, shot, and Edited by Eileen Yaghoobian. Looks good.

The Office of Brion Gysin

The Office of Brion Gysin →

Boing Boing’s David Pescovitz makes a great point with “Gysin was also a pioneer of sound poetry and multimedia collage that, in my mind, underpins remix culture, quick-cut video editing, and nonlinear Web experiences.” He’s absolutely right. In fact, the concept of hypertext may have taken longer to appear had it not been for Gysin […]

End Titles

End Notes →

A nice end titles image set on Flickr: The End Link via Pinch Design