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Ligatures →

A ligature is a character consisting of one or more connecting letters. As in the graphic above, sauerstoffflaschen—the German word for oxygen tank—is the only word to contain the “fffl” ligature. It also contains the decorative “st” ligature. Below are examples of standard and decorative ligatures. Letter pairs with their associated ligatures in Adobe Caslon […]

Use of the ampersand & and →

When is it appropriate to use an ampersand “&” instead of the word “and”?

Type Radio →

From Underware comes Type Radio. Type Radio has MP3 radio streams and Podcast downloads on topics of typography and design from Matthew Carter et al.(Link courtesy of Laurie Forehand)

The Double-Space Debate →

So, what’s your opinion? A, B, or C? [A]   Two spaces after a period is the proper way to set type. [B]   With the white space above the point, one space after a period is all that’s needed. [C]   The physical space after a period should be thinner to compensate for the optical whiteness […]

Daily Type →

Very nice. So, how long can they keep it up?“Daily Type is a creative project run by four russian type designers.Day by day, they create original typefaces and post their results along with routine.”“Idea by Yury Ostromentsky & Dasha Yarzhambek”

One Plus Beirut by Stephen Banham →

At 1+1=3, Stephen Banham creates a photo album of his trip to Typo.Graphic.Beirut 2005.