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Airline Bag Lounge

Airline Tote Bags
Browse a nice collection of vintage airline tote bags at Troyland’s Airline Bag Lounge.
(Link courtesy of Design Observer)

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Simply Maeda

Image of manuals from Thoughts On Simplicity, By John Maeda
“The more you know about something beforehand,
the simpler it will ultimately be perceived.“

John Maeda has a corner on the Simplicity market.
Photo by John Maeda

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RIP Jef Raskin

Jef Raskin
“Father of the Mac” Jef Raskin died February 26th 2005.
Photo courtesy Aza Raskin

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Save the French Imprimerie Nationale heritage

nameVoyager Image

Graphê, association pour la promotion de l’art typographique is petitioning to preserve the heritage of the French government printing organization.

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nameVoyager Image

A colorful example of beautiful information design, the NameVoyager provides hours of fun. Find out how popular or unique a name is. (Link courtesy of Darci Forister)

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“Good web design means that you don’t have to user test”

Edward Tufte

Edward Tufte on user testing and analytical design.

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