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Best Made Co. Founder Peter Buchanan-Smith on Starting a Business

Posted by on March 1, 2012
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Dieter Rams on The Culture Show

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Letterpress in Singapore: The Gentlemen’s Press (

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John Pawson on the design of his own house

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Wanted: WordPress Ninjas

Well, it’s not one of those terribly urgent emergencies, but very slightly urgent nonetheless…

Most everyone in our industry is in constant need of a good WordPress ninja. Some call them Web Developers but I don’t. To me, “Web Developer” means programmer. You know, the kind that can build a website that cooks you breakfast. What we’re looking for is someone versed in some of the technical aspects of WordPress, but more importantly able to build a template from scratch (or out of spare parts from past endeavors — it doesn’t matter to us), with CSS, from an InDesign or Photoshop file.

We have two projects:

  1. one in the very near future for a very simple website.
  2. one that’s a bit more complex that would most likely start mid-October.

If interested, please send us the following two items:

  1. Work samples
  2. Your hourly rate

Send those two things via this email link.

That’s all we need: Work samples and your hourly rate. Please don’t ask what or where to send or how to apply since we just told you, twice.

Seriously, we’re looking forward to reviewing your good work.

Here’s the link again, thanks!


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The British Library’s 60,000-Book iPad App

‘Charleston, SC & London, UK — BiblioLabs, LLC and the British Library are proud to announce their British Library 19th Century Historical Collection App for iPad is now available on the App Store.

More on The British Library’s 60,000-Book iPad App

Posted by on June 16, 2011
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