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British Library's 60,000 Book iPad App

The British Library’s 60,000-Book iPad App →

Charleston, SC & London, UK — BiblioLabs, LLC and the British Library are proud to announce their British Library 19th Century Historical Collection App for iPad is now available on the App Store.

Live from Apple

Live from the App Store →

Apps bob and ripple in a sea of 20,000 icons as they’re downloaded from the App Store in real time.

Antique iPhone Gun

Antique iPhone Gun →

Here’s a comical take on the stockpile of firearm apps available at the App Store. It’s called Gun. It’s an antique iPhone gun, and the only gun app that’s built to scale—the real thing would actually fit on the iPhone screen. As an added plus, you’re bound to laugh at the cartoonish sound it makes. […]