The Story Behind Angry Paul Rand

“Over three months in the Summer of 2010, in addition to my normal Twitter account @mgoldst, I had a Twitter account by the name of @AngryPaulRand. Like every designer I have ever met, I had some things I had always wanted to say, and using Paul Rand as a foil seemed OK to me—he was dead, after all, and had a reputation as a brilliant but tough personality. It also seemed like a fun thing to do while waiting for Graduate School to start. I created the account, tossed out a few funny, pointed tweets, and two months later I had almost 15,000 followers. 15,000 followers on Twitter put this account in the 99.87% percentile in terms of Twitter infamy.…” —Mitch Goldstein on being Angry Paul Rand

More at Mitch Goldstein’s blog

Posted by on November 24, 2010
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