Detail in Typography by Jost Hochuli

Hands down, Hyphen Press makes the best typeset and thoughtfully bound books on type. Some of their stuff is for the ultra-mega type nerd, but no matter how seemingly unapproachable one of their books may seem, once you start reading… you will be hooked, rabidly consuming the text. This is when you realize Hyphen Press truly cares about you.

Detail in Typography is not one of those wonderfully dense works but a nice short read of things you may already know but need reminding of from time to time.

One invaluable trick I picked up from this book is a way to set acronyms with faces lacking small caps. With most faces, acronyms set in all caps can be just plain ugly. Jost suggests setting the cap string in all caps but reduced in size by a half or one point. He notes the weight of the letters won’t be identical to the line, but it’s hardly noticeable. I do this quite a bit now and in many cases it makes the line appear smoother than when using small caps.

Detail in Typography
Designed by Jost Hochuli, St.Gallen
Typeset and made into pages by Peter Renn, St.Gallen, in QuarkXPress
Set in Adobe Minion, with Futura Bold
Made in Switzerland: Printed by Heer Druck AG, Sulgen, and bound by Buchbinderei Burkhardt AG, Mönchaltorf
Sewn & flapped paperback
210 × 125 mm
64 pages
Published 2008.06.18 by Hyphen Press, London

ISBN 0–907259-34–0
ISBN13 978–0-907259–34-3

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  • blondina elms pastel

    I love this book, it is a pleasure to read.

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