Lego Letterpress

A hand-built pixel art printing letterpress from Physical Fiction.

“Geeky designers (and the folks who write about them!) love Legos, and Sam Cox and Justin LaRosa are no exception. Under their Physical Fiction aegis, these two graphic designers have put Lego to yet another wonderfully off-label use by constructing a working letterpress printer out of the bricks. By clicking smooth Lego tiles into place on plastic baseboards and inking the plates, they create handmade prints with an 8-bit aesthetic.”

And more at NPR

Posted by on December 30, 2010
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  • Amy Kyoko Reichenbach

    WOW! Ingenious!

  • Marcel van den Berg

    Goed blog heb toch, kijk elke dag wel even wat je te melden heb

  • Theo Rosendorf

    Thanks Marcel. Comments like yours make it worthwhile.

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