Starbucks’ Smart Rebrand

Starbucks has put their mermaid on overtime. Their rebrand reverses the color scheme—black type / now green siren (better green too)—and separates the type mark from the image. The separation will give strength to both the type and mark, and the mermaid will become memorable outside the former boxed in treatment. This new strategy is a great improvement over the old cramped logo. The siren/mermaid was always there, but I never really remembered it.

More on the rebrand here (w/video)

Via Greg Chambers

Posted by on January 5, 2011
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  • Geoffrey Grosenbach

    The siren goes way back to the original store that sold tea and spices. I briefly worked at Starbucks in college and they talked about a rebranding in the 90’s where they did nothing but remove her belly button…it was seen as too risqué.

  • Theo Rosendorf

    Nipples too, right?

  • Pete Rosendorf

    Just watched Brian Williams on NBC news with a story on the logo change!

  • Andy Fossett

    Yeah, the nipples. Back when I worked there, I used to draw the nipples and bush on cups when I got bored, which was often.

  • Theo Rosendorf