Japanese Chocolate Type

I recently returned from a trip to Japan. In the last few days of my stay, though, I managed a walk to the local supermarket and found some neat type specimens in the candy aisle.

This is probably my favorite one. The type looks exactly like what milk chocolate should taste like.

Meiji underwent a rebranding about 15 months ago, bringing its two branches of dairy products and confectionary/pharmaceutical products under one roof and one logo. You can read about it at this comprehensive Brand New article, or if you can read Japanese or tolerate Google translations, you can go straight to the company who designed it, Landor Tokyo. Personally, I was glad that they forewent the excessive bevels/shadows on this product.

There isn’t really anything special about this last one but I think we can all agree that “crunky” is a funny word. From a Japanese speaker’s point of view, “crunky” does seem as crispy-sounding as “crunchy,” which they also use in the packaging (twice!). Disappointingly, I found the chocolate itself to be rather mediocre.

Bonus: Hotel Margarine!

(There apparently are a couple different brands of “hotel margarine.” I’m not entirely sure what makes margarine of a “hotel” variety. Any enlightenment is highly appreciated)

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