A Poster for São Paulo

2011 Edition — Jimmy Leroy

Celebrating the 457th anniversary of São Paulo, the designer Paulo Moretto, along with Alécio Rossi created the exhibit “A Poster for São Paulo.”

Various designers are invited to produce a piece with the mega city as center. In the past editions, the themes were visual pollution, human (in)sustainability and cultural diversity . Now, they were invited to think about the city’s memories as collective heritage.

Each poster is a unique piece, but a limited copies of them as postcards were produced, and can be bought at the gallery.

The designers invited this year are:

Alécio Rossi, André Poppovic, André Stolarski, Caroline Gabriel Pedro Delfim Cesário Jr, Eduardo Foresti, Filipe Negrão, Guilherme Vieira Gustavo Garcia, Heloisa Etelvina, Henrique Nardi, Javier Ignacio Cifre (Ar), Jimmy Leroy, Juan Lo Bianco (Ar), Marcelo Pallotta, Marco Tortoioli Ricci (It), Miguel Paladino, Minoru Naruto E Maria Argentina Bibas, Paulo Moretto, Paulo Von Poser E Vitor Tronconi, Sandra Tuccisônia Magalhães, Zansky

The exhibit is in the University Center Maria Antonio. More information here.

2010 Edition — Luís Fernandes

2010 Edition — Loro Verz

2010 Edition — Marina Chacur

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