Traumgedanken is a book about a dream within a dream. It features a collection of written works on dreams, with a twist. Its author and creator, Maria Fischer, combined colored thread with fine typography to produce this imaginative work—leveraging both the tactile and visual senses of the reader.

In an e-mail, Fischer said that the idea for this book on dreams occurred to her one morning when she was “half sleeping and half awake.” How appropriate.

Although her initial vision might not have been fully developed, the final version is an impressive achievement. A creation like this requires a designer that can do more than simply communicate with words. The pages themselves are part of the work. According to Fischer, the white space on each page was designed to compliment the threads. The “elegant” serif typeface “picks up the thread’s fine and fragile appearance.” Smooth paper was chosen to “emphasize the book’s haptic character.“

The intricate designs were carefully crafted with ordinary sewing thread. The colors were chosen by the author to highlight certain keywords from the collected works on dreams. After some experimenting, the final stitch work took about “two weeks, working from early morning till late at night” to finish, according to Fischer.

Her advice for others who want to pursue their dreams? “Realize your ideas, even if they might seem weird.”

And that sort of ties it all together.

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