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Dave reports on design and typography from Kansas. A United States Army officer, Dave mixes some formal training in graphic design with a passion for typography. Besides military topics, his writing focuses on historical typography and maximizing the readability of text—both for practical applications as well as graphic design. Dave’s opinions do not necessarily represent those of the US government or Department of Defense.

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Type Rules! 4th Edition

Type Rules! 4th Edition →

The latest edition of Type Rules! is on the shelves and it was worth the wait.

The Curious Misconception Surrounding Sentence Spacing

The Curious Misconception Surrounding Sentence Spacing →

There’s a widespread misconception that “proper” English requires two word spaces after a sentence.

My New Favorite Maps

My New Favorite Maps →

These typographic maps are the real deal. Although typographic maps are not a new idea, few are created manually. Even fewer possess the degree of quality seen here.


Traumgedanken →

Traumgedanken is a book about a dream within a dream.

Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition

Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition →

In 1906, a small university press in Chicago published its standardized typographical practices.

Typographic Train Wrecks

Typographic Train Wrecks →

You’re in a store searching for that perfect picture frame. You pick one up that looks good—a simple wood frame with just enough detail to complement your photo.