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Theo reports on design and typography from Atlanta. A graphic designer, Theo is Creative Director of Article, a boutique agency with an acute focus on typography. He is author of “The Typographic Desk Reference (TDR),” a reference on the typographic forms of Latin-based writing systems.

Monocle Magazine referred to the TDR as a “Vital Life Improvement” and called it “... a fascinating peek into the mind of our art department.”

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29 December 2013

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Lucky Numer 13

Lucky Numer 13 →

Superstitious passengers force Brussels Airlines to add a 14th dot to their logo.

Obama’s Logo

Obama’s Logo →

Presidential candidate’s logos are typically substandard and weak. But Obama’s campaign logo, created by Chicago’s Sol Sender of Sender LLC, is on par with an effective propaganda machine. Rudy’s is only okay…

Helvetica Film Videos & Prints

Helvetica Film Videos & Prints →

New video clips and letterpress prints have been posted to the Helvetica film website.

World Cup Design, Just Embarrassing

World Cup Design, Just Embarrassing →

Erik Spiekermann criticizes the design concept for the 2006 World Cup. I had the pleasure of hanging around Erik Spiekermann at the ATypi conference in Lisbon this past October. Erik is one of the most entertaining presenters I’ve seen. Very inspiring. And funny as hell.

Iranian Typography Now

Iranian Typography Now →

More Iranian Type on Ping.

Fred Eerdekens’ Light Play

Fred Eerdekens’ Light Play →

Fred Eerdekens is showing Nr. 14 Light Play, Z33, Hasselt (B), Belgium October 29, 2006–January 21, 2007