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Theo reports on design and typography from Atlanta. A graphic designer, Theo is Creative Director of Article, a boutique agency with an acute focus on typography. He is author of “The Typographic Desk Reference (TDR),” a reference on the typographic forms of Latin-based writing systems.

Monocle Magazine referred to the TDR as a “Vital Life Improvement” and called it “... a fascinating peek into the mind of our art department.”

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29 December 2013

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Serif vs. Sans Serif

Serif vs. Sans Serif →

Serifs or no serifs? What’s your vote? Sans serif type is superior for legibility and should be used whenever possible before using serif type. Visually, serif type is more appealing than sans serif type. Affording more opportunities, it should be used in place of sans serif type whenever possible. Both serif and sans serif type can […]


Ligatures →

A ligature is a character consisting of one or more connecting letters. As in the graphic above, sauerstoffflaschen—the German word for oxygen tank—is the only word to contain the “fffl” ligature. It also contains the decorative “st” ligature. Below are examples of standard and decorative ligatures. Letter pairs with their associated ligatures in Adobe Caslon […]

Use of the ampersand & and

Use of the ampersand & and →

When is it appropriate to use an ampersand “&” instead of the word “and”?

Type Radio

Type Radio →

From Underware comes Type Radio. Type Radio has MP3 radio streams and Podcast downloads on topics of typography and design from Matthew Carter et al.(Link courtesy of Laurie Forehand)

The Double-Space Debate

The Double-Space Debate →

So, what’s your opinion? A, B, or C? [A]   Two spaces after a period is the proper way to set type. [B]   With the white space above the point, one space after a period is all that’s needed. [C]   The physical space after a period should be thinner to compensate for the optical whiteness […]

DANISH – framing the future of design

DANISH – framing the future of design →

Just opening at the Dansk Design Center in Copenhagen, “DANISH – framing the future of design” will be showing from 22 Jun 2005 — 13 Nov 2005. Exhibitions at the DDC are always inspiring.