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Yoko reports on design and logical process from New York City. A graduate of UCLA, she studied Design/Media Arts and Linguistics before moving back to NYC where she now designs for fun and work. She likes pandas.

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16 February 2011

Here are my most recent posts

Chartwell by TK Type

Chartwell by TK Type →

TK Type has created a font that uses ligatures to make charts.

Living the Language with EF

Living the Language with EF →

I can’t stop watching these beautiful advertisements for EF (Education First) Language Schools.

All the Buildings in New York

All the Buildings in New York →

James Gulliver Hancock attempts to draw all of the buildings in New York City.

Two Lights I Could Use in My Room

Two Lights I Could Use in My Room →

Two clever lamps, one from Sweden and one from Germany.

The Moleskine Debossing Process

The Moleskine Debossing Process →

A charming video showing the process behind custom debossed Moleskines.

Nike SB’s Statue of Liberty

Nike SB’s Statue of Liberty →

These Statue of Liberty-inspired sneakers from Nike Skateboarding have a hidden feature that you can’t see until they’ve been worn.