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Yoko reports on design and logical process from New York City. A graduate of UCLA, she studied Design/Media Arts and Linguistics before moving back to NYC where she now designs for fun and work. She likes pandas.

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16 February 2011

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Shinichi Maruyama’s Liquid Sculptures

Shinichi Maruyama’s Liquid Sculptures →

Shinichi Maruyama works with water and ink to create “liquid sculptures.”

Should You Work For Free?

Should You Work For Free? →

It depends. Here’s a flowchart by Jessica Hische to guide you.

Japanese Chocolate Type

Japanese Chocolate Type →

On a recent trip to Japan, I found some neat type specimens in the candy aisle at the local supermarket.

Isle of Tune

Isle of Tune →

Isle of Tune is “a music sequencer for the modern colonial”…

Epic Google Docs Animation

Epic Google Docs Animation →

The idea of sitting through any Powerpoint/Keynote makes my eyes glaze over, but I must have watched this Google Doc presentation at least a dozen times.

1140px Grid System

1140px Grid System →

A 1140px-wide, 12 column grid system that breaks down elegantly with smaller browser sizes.