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Detail in Typography-1

Detail in Typography by Jost Hochuli →

Hands down, Hyphen Press has the best typeset and thoughtfully bound books on type.


Jan Tschichold for Penguin Scores, 1949 →

Oliver Tomas has posted some nice mid-century visual inspiration with his Penguin Book Covers Flickr Collection.

Moleskine Extra Small Planners

Moleskine Extra Small Planners →

“A new video by dutch artist Rogier Wieland illustrates the new Moleskine Extra Small Planners, Weekly and Daily.”


Type In Print by Sergey Shapiro →

Handlettered title made for a LiveJournal community dedicated to vintage books with “beautiful typography and calligraphy.”


Bracket →

“Bracket is a conceived as a publication that features everything in between — ideas, voices and processes that are overlooked and under-appreciated.”


5 Year Datebook →

“Black covered cover. Removable transparent plastic protective case. A two-page spread for each week. Daily schedule from 8am to 10pm.”