Books : The Type Desk


A Battle of Wills →

“A response to the 2010 International Society of Typographic Designers’ ‘Imbalance’ brief. A Battle of Wills explores tensions between the government and British citizens. The book was awarded a merit and also is shortlisted for the British Book Design & Production Awards 2010.”


8 Faces by Elliot Jay Stocks →

“Printed on heavy stock, with a foil-blocked cover, and pressed at just 2500 limited editions, each issue is a true collector’s item. 8 Faces will be more at home on your bookshelf than in your magazine rack. Who said print is dead?”


50 Reading Lists for Designers →

“Spin/2 – 50 Reading Lists, a paper based on asking major figures in graphic design the question: what are the top ten books that you believe designers should read?”


Michael Bierut on Typography →

“In a video interview with The Atlantic, Michael Bierut talks about typography, covering such topics as Stanley Kubrick’s favorite font, the cover design of The Catcher in the Rye, and the link between phototypesetting and Free Love.”


Hart’s Rules for Compositors and Readers →

From 1967 and a great resource for info on setting type. An updated version is also available: Hart’s Rules for Compositors and Readers.


The 365 Calendrical Notebook →

“365 is a calendrical notebook with serially numbered pages and an A to Z. The latest editions are again thread-stitched and either available with 12 rainbow-coloured papers or with Alster Werkdruck and gold-edging on three sides. Typeset in Poster Bodoni, designed by Greige/Buero fuer Design, printed and bound in Berlin for do you read me?! in a limited and numbered edition of 500 each.”