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Prison Tattoos of Danzig Baldaev →

Rick Poynor on the Russian prison tattoo flash art of Danzig Baldaev on show in London along with photographs of tattooed prisoners by Sergei Vasiliev.


Graphic Design and Your Soul →

Dan Reynolds’ review of the second edition of Adrian Shaughnessy‘s How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul.

The Bantjes Covers

The Bantjes Covers →

The Bantjes Covers: Marian Bantjes & Jessica Helfand

Melk Monastery Library, Melk, Austria

Library Porn →

Images of Libraries

Alain de Botton at Herman Miller's Lifework

Alain de Botton at Herman Miller’s Lifework →

Alain de Botton interviewed at Herman Miller’s Lifework Blog

1862 Cyrillic type specimen

1862 Cyrillic Type Specimen at Google Books →

Maxim Zhukov has unearthed an 1862 Cyrillic type specimen at Google Books.