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e-books vs paper, what’s your take? →

Are you an old school bibliophile? Do you care what font a text is set in? Is resolution an issue? Is print dead?

TDR Site Makes 2009 Web Trends List →

The Typographic Desk Reference website makes Smashing Magazine’s list of Web Design Trends For 2009…

Typenuts →

John from I Love Typography has put together Typenuts: a site where you can download and submit typographic desktop and iPhone wallpapers.

Surprise + Clarity = Delight →

I couldn’t agree more with Shane Bzdok (Thinking for a Living) about the integration of structure and emotion in graphic design. Surprise + Clarity. Link via BBDK

Hot for Pencils →

Intriguing pictures and good writing, Pencil Talk is a first rate blog for pencil freaks.

End Titles

End Notes →

A nice end titles image set on Flickr: The End Link via Pinch Design