Graphic Design : The Type Desk

Type Trumps →

Rick Banks makes a typographic card game called Type Trumps. Link via Matt Carey

Paul Rand on Aesthetics

Paul Rand on Aesthetics →

A short interview of Paul Rand, filmed in 1996 by Preston McLanahan.

Calling All Gridniks →

Antonio Carusone (AisleOne) along with Duane King (Thinking for a Living) offer an excellent resource on the typographic grid. Rid your postmodern habits at The Grid System.

Gepostet von Stani’s €5 Font →

The Dutch Ministry of Finance organized an architecture competition for which a selected group of architectural offices and artists were invited to design a 5 euro coin around the concept of “Netherlands and Architecture.” Gepostet von Stani’s winning design renders the traditional portrait of the queen with a list of famous Dutch architects using a […]

Preview: The Typographic Desk Reference →

The Typographic Desk Reference (TDR) is now available for pre-order through Oak Knoll…

Moleskine Icons →

German web designer ~pica-ae caters to the Moleskine fetishist with a fine set of desktop icons.