Graphic Design : The Type Desk


Monocle Alpino, Anti-iPad Device →

Monocle’s Alpino newspaper may be called an experiment, but it’s a successful extension to the Monocle brand—a great variation on a theme.


Starbucks’ Smart Rebrand →

Starbucks has put their mermaid on overtime.


Lego Letterpress →

A hand-built pixel art printing letterpress from Physical Fiction.


032c Magazine →

“032C started of as a complete DIY project. It was a zine that we ran out of a project space that I had here in Mitte, in Berlin, with two other friends…”


Eastern European Matchbox Labels →

Mid-century mass production printing on cardboard has a unique look that’s emulated quite a bit these days.


Isle of Tune →

Isle of Tune is “a music sequencer for the modern colonial”…