Identity : The Type Desk


Type In Print by Sergey Shapiro →

Handlettered title made for a LiveJournal community dedicated to vintage books with “beautiful typography and calligraphy.”


Brand for Flint Hair Salon by Bibliothèque →

“The design solution expresses the Flint ideology of craftsmanship and modernity. Stone-age cutting tools made from Flint (a material found in abundance in the Norfolk area) illustrate this identity for a boutique hair-salon based in Norwich.”


Frank Aloi for The Little Veggie Patch Co. →

“The Little Veggie Patch Company based in Melbourne (Australia), is a business that specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of chemical-free vegetable gardens. As much as it is their business, it is their passion to see more people living a greener lifestyle and having fun, growing their own vegetables.” Check out more of Frank […]

Erik Spiekermann on Deutsche Welle TV

Erik Spiekermann on Deutsche Welle TV →

On the heels of having won the Federal German Design Prize 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award from the German Design Council, Erik Spiekermann is interviewed by Deutsche Welle TV.

Geometric ID for Whole Education by Wire

Geometric ID for Whole Education by Wire →

Nice ID work by Wire Design.


Bag from the past, but still good—the Airline Bag Lounge →

This is a little old, but it’s still good: the Airline Bag Lounge brought to you by Troyland.