Illustration : The Type Desk

Doodling and Knot Theory

Doodling and Knot Theory →

Check out this fast-paced and pun-filled video by Vi Hart, where she uses knot theory and mathematics to draw snakes, ropes, and möbius strips.

Steven Millington, aka Lord Dunsby →

Whimsical and retro illustrations from Lord Dunsby.


Labels from the 19th and 20th Centuries →

Packaging and labels from the 18 and 1900s, for everything from mucilage to vinagre balsamique.


Type Desk Welcomes Yoko Sakao Ohama →

Yoko joins Type Desk to report from New York on design and logical process. Logical as apposed to illogical. Having worked with Yoko, I guarantee it’s a privilege to experience Yoko’s “logical process.” Welcome aboard Yoko!


René Gruau’s work for Dior →

“Since founding her Munich-based graphic arts gallery, Bartsch & Chariau, in 1980, Joëlle Chariau has been an advocate of René Gruau, writes Liz Farrelly. Across the river from the Design Museum’s Drawing Fashion exhibition (where Chariau discussed fashion illustration), the Embankment Galleries at Somerset House are staging Dior Illustrated: René Gruau and the Line of Beauty. The show explores his life-long collaboration with first the man, Christian Dior, and then the brands, House of Dior and Christian Dior Parfums.”

Geometric ID for Whole Education by Wire

Geometric ID for Whole Education by Wire →

Nice ID work by Wire Design.