Illustration : The Type Desk


The WSJ Hedcuts by Randy Glass →

Everyone has seen his work. Master stippler Randy Glass has created hundreds of these hedcut style illustrations for the Wall Street Journal.


The Book Work of David Pearson →

Amazing work. More here…


Vintage Food Packaging →

Vintage Food Packaging at the dieline


Supergraphics from Unit Editions →

Supergraphics just arrive at my desk. Unit Editions has a knack for superlative documentation of creative objects…


The Story Behind Angry Paul Rand →

“Over three months in the Summer of 2010, in addition to my normal Twitter account @mgoldst, I had a Twitter account by the name of @AngryPaulRand. Like every designer I have ever met, I had some things I had always wanted to say, and using Paul Rand as a foil seemed OK to me—he was dead, after all, and had a reputation as a brilliant but tough personality. It also seemed like a fun thing to do while waiting for Graduate School to start. I created the account, tossed out a few funny, pointed tweets, and two months later I had almost 15,000 followers. 15,000 followers on Twitter put this account in the 99.87% percentile in terms of Twitter infamy.…”

Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson, Designer of ♻ →

“It has been called one of America’s “most important design icons,” it is one of the most recognizable graphic symbols in the world and has helped to encourage global recycling. In some countries, such as the UK, the symbol carries such implicit meaning that it requires government permission to be used. Although the symbol is the most widely known of his accomplishments, Anderson has also made important contributions in the areas of urban planning and urban development.”