Illustration : The Type Desk


Vintage Travel Posters from the Boston Public Library →

A vintage travel posters Flickr collection from the Boston Public Library

The Ames Lettering Contraption

The Ames Lettering Contraption →

“Oh, bedeviling Ames Guide! How curious your strange shape, your myriad holes filled with murk and mystery. What–what??–are you for??”


Geometric Album Art →

“The seemingly infinite number of vintage record jackets that convey their message with simple shapes like circles and dots never cease to amaze and amuse me…”

Paris vs New York

Paris vs New York, A Graphic Tally →

“A visual but friendly match between those two cities seen by a lover of Paris wandering through New York’s infinite details, clichés and contradictions”

Boston Matchcover Image Collection →

A nice Boston Matchcover Image Collection at Flickr

Handmade Money

Handmade Money →

Handmade Money