Industrial Design : The Type Desk

Lens Bracelets by Adam Elmakias →

These Lens bracelets by Adam Elmakias make a great gift for the photography enthusiast.

The Story of Eames Furniture

The Story of Eames Furniture →

In this video with, Marilyn and John Neuhart reflect on the 30 years they have worked at the Eames Office, its designers, products, and work culture.

John’s Phone: The Anti-Smart Phone →

If you’re beginning to think that your phone is getting too smart for your own good, then John’s phone might be for you.

Bill Moggridge is awarded the Prince Philip Designer Prize for the GRiD Compass →

Bill Moggridge designed the first clamshell computer in 1982 for GRiD Systems in California. 28 years later, he’s been awarded the Design Council’s Prince Philip Designer Prize.

Laptop Case by Natalia Brilli →

Lamb-leather laptop case with a keyboard molded onto the front.

Private Library

Private Library →

New York architect Andrew Berman was commissioned to design what he calls a “perfect project” — a writing studio in the woods.