Observations : The Type Desk

Someone had to say it eventually. “Balsamiq is the Comic Sans of prototyping.” —Aza Raskin (via @infrastrukt)

Girl Scouts gets a rebrand. Via @AJWShaughnessy: “Saul Bass not good enough for the Girl Scouts of America it seems” http://bit.ly/aCUh8Y

A labor of moles… A shiver of sharks… What do you call a group of…? http://bit.ly/dDiULE

Looking for good WordPress plugins for email subscriptions and Twitter integration (tweets to blog posts). Advice anyone…?

Organ²/ASLSP: the 639 year long song by John Cage, performed by an organ in Halberstadt, Germany. Will end in 2640 http://bit.ly/azlXTx