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Call for Entries: Iranian Proverbs →

5th Color organizes Iranian Sayings, The Third Iranian Typography Exhibition 2006. It will be held at the Tehran Gallery, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran on June 8–21, 2006. Call for entries link

RIP Richard Eckersley →

“Good design is the process of solving the problem posed by the manuscript.”—Richard Eckersley Richard Eckersley, an award-winning graphic designer who introduced unconventional typography to staid-looking university-press books, died on Sunday at his home in Lincoln, Neb. He was 65. — New York Times

Monotype Clones Frutiger For Microsoft →

Microsoft will be using a font named Segoe UI, for their new Vista operating system. Agfa Monotype created Segoe UI for Microsoft. Agfa Monotype claims to have designed it, but it’s actually a copy with minor modifications of Linotype’s Frutiger Next font. In January 2004 Microsoft applied to register multiple designs of the font with the […]

Serif vs. Sans Serif →

Serifs or no serifs? What’s your vote? Sans serif type is superior for legibility and should be used whenever possible before using serif type. Visually, serif type is more appealing than sans serif type. Affording more opportunities, it should be used in place of sans serif type whenever possible. Both serif and sans serif type can […]

Ligatures →

A ligature is a character consisting of one or more connecting letters. As in the graphic above, sauerstoffflaschen—the German word for oxygen tank—is the only word to contain the “fffl” ligature. It also contains the decorative “st” ligature. Below are examples of standard and decorative ligatures. Letter pairs with their associated ligatures in Adobe Caslon […]

Use of the ampersand & and →

When is it appropriate to use an ampersand “&” instead of the word “and”?