Typography : The Type Desk

Typophile Beta →

The new Typophile website contains a “typowiki”. The Typophile Wiki is a “user-created encyclopedia of all things type-related. Users create and edit Wiki entries with the aim of becoming a collaborative, useful and relevant resource.”

Typo.Graphic.Beirut 2005 →

Typo.Graphic.Beirut 2005 is the first of its kind within the Middle East’s graphic design community, and will feature more than 20 speakers contributing to an atmosphere of design thought and practice from regions all over the world.

Read Regular →

Designed to assist dyslexic readers, Read Regular is a typeface designed by Dutch designer Natascha Frensch. Letterforms like b and d are typically drawn as the same character and then just swapped. Read Regular differentiates these forms by making each unique.(Link courtesy of Design Observer)

Save the French Imprimerie Nationale heritage →

Graphê, association pour la promotion de l’art typographique is petitioning to preserve the heritage of the French government printing organization.