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Adrian Shaughnessy on his book “Graphic Design: A User’s Manual”

Adrian Shaughnessy on his book “Graphic Design: A User’s Manual” →

“This book offers students, novice designers and battle-toughened professionals alike an insider’s guide to the complexities of current graphic design practice and thinking. It contains all you need to know to survive and prosper in the complex, ever-shifting world of graphic design…”


Supergraphics from Unit Editions →

Supergraphics just arrive at my desk. Unit Editions has a knack for superlative documentation of creative objects…


Graphic Design and Your Soul →

Dan Reynolds’ review of the second edition of Adrian Shaughnessy‘s How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul.

Werner Herzog's Rogue Film School

Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School →

“Werner Herzog’s Rogue School. This is how graphic design should be taught” (via @AJWShaughnessy)

Unit Editions Makes Books for Designers →

From Adrian Shaughnessy and Tony Brook comes Unit Editions, a south London publishing company producing books on design and visual culture. I talked with Adrian Shaughnessy to get up to speed with what’s in store at Unit Editions.