coudal : The Type Desk


Clipper Ship Cards →

These vintage clipper cards were advertisements for shipping voyages, usually from a port on the east coast (New York, Boston) to the west coast (San Francisco). They were distributed by ship dispatchers in the 1800s.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Paper Sack →

The invention and improvement of the modern paper bag, because who doesn’t like a good paper sack?

Hamlet Schematic

Hamlet Schematic →

“This is an interpretation of Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, into a diagram…”

Project C-90 Audio Cassette Image Archive →

“… This page is dedicated to cassette tapes… Here you won’t find any kind of scientific research, technical data or things like that…”

Minimalist Album Covers, Lifeless? →

What a way to suck the life out of things… But wait. These are are meant to be interpretations of existing work.