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To Helvetica and Back — 77 Years →

Alternatives to Helvetica have always been around, in fact even before Helvetica was around.

Best Alternative to Helvetica →

Font Shop just released a Best Fonts of 2010 list where Bruno Maag’s Aktiv Grotesk is coined the “Best Alternative for Helvetica.”

Bruno Maag aims to kill Helvetica →

Point well taken, and Aktiv looks like a serviceable replacement, but it’ll be a long road if it’s not free.

Helvetica Moleskine →

If only Swiss bank accounts were what they used to be, I’d go old school and keep record in one of these Helvetica Moleskines. Link via i love typography → nubbytwiglet.com

Helvetica Wall Hanging →

Check out this Helvetica wall hanging from babygeared.