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Monocle Alpino, Anti-iPad Device →

Monocle’s Alpino newspaper may be called an experiment, but it’s a successful extension to the Monocle brand—a great variation on a theme.


Bracket →

“Bracket is a conceived as a publication that features everything in between — ideas, voices and processes that are overlooked and under-appreciated.”


50 Reading Lists for Designers →

“Spin/2 – 50 Reading Lists, a paper based on asking major figures in graphic design the question: what are the top ten books that you believe designers should read?”


The WSJ Hedcuts by Randy Glass →

Everyone has seen his work. Master stippler Randy Glass has created hundreds of these hedcut style illustrations for the Wall Street Journal.


Flowers + Newsprint, Beautiful →

“Fresh Flowers is a collection of flowers, it’s a different newspaper, it’s a way of having flowers on your table everyday.”

Creatables “Old News” Carrier →

The Creatables “Old News” Carrier for your old magazines…