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Photo of The Old Printing Office Book

The Old Printing Office →

The Old Printing Office by Frank Luther Mott is an account of Mott as a printer’s devil for his father’s small town weekly papers in Iowa.


Sipho Mabona Origami →

“How long does an installation like the colored koi fish one take?”
“It takes me around 1–3 months to complete an installation of that nature, usually working on it on and off. But the installation I’m currently working will probably take me a year to complete.”

Typography Deconstructed Letterpress Poster

Typography Deconstructed Letterpress Poster →

From Drew Binkley comes the Typography Deconstructed Letterpress Poster, printed by Studio on Fire on 16″ x 24″ Crane Lettra Pearl paper.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 4.36.09 AM

Studio On Fire: Ben Levitz and His Press → Via Drawn

NEWWORK 2011 Calendar

A 2011 Calendar with rhythm by NEWWORK →

“By composing dates as music notes, simply hoping the calendar could give viewers a smile in 2011. The calendar is silk screened on large ( 26″ x 40″) and thick weight stone henge paper which is very gorgeous.” Available for $48 from NEWWORK. Via Selectism

e-books vs paper, what’s your take? →

Are you an old school bibliophile? Do you care what font a text is set in? Is resolution an issue? Is print dead?