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Tibor Kalman on Twitter @tiborkalman: more serious than @angrypaulrand (now @nicePaulRand) but strangely fetishistic. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Angry Paul Rand →

Angry Paul Rand on Twitter

Unit Editions Makes Books for Designers →

From Adrian Shaughnessy and Tony Brook comes Unit Editions, a south London publishing company producing books on design and visual culture. I talked with Adrian Shaughnessy to get up to speed with what’s in store at Unit Editions.

TDRme Deadline Extended to 7/31 [Ugly Typography] →

The TDRme contest to win a signed copy of The Typographic Desk Reference has been extended to Friday July 31st.

TDRme Submission Rules [Ugly Typography] →

To win a signed copy of the Typographic Desk Reference, submit a graphic of your finest creation of terrible typography. The most appalling example wins.

TDR Giveaway →

Win a signed copy of the Typographic Desk Reference by following me on Twitter and Tweeting #TDRme