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a, n, and g characters from Kontrapunkt’s custom typeface for DSB

Danish Typographic Style →


In 2001 I attended the ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale) conference in Copenhagen (København if you’re a Dane).

Erik Spiekermann putting the face back in typeface

Erik Spiekermann putting the face back in typeface →



ZEITtype for Die Zeit by Oleksandr Parkhomovskyy →

Oleksandr Parkhomovskyy created this stout white-line blackletter of all caps for Germany’s weekly paper Die Zeit.

Seravek from Process Type Foundry →

Process Type Foundry, creator of Klavika and Stratum, has added Seravek to their collection…

Dala Floda by Paul Barnes →

Dala Floda started out in 2005 as a headline typeface for Frieze Magazine. It has since grown and is now available as a full-featured family of 12 styles.