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Book Life →

It is amazing just how much text exists on the internet. More amazing still is the sheer amount of text that is not on the internet.

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Inside the office of Hoefler & Frere-Jones →

A highlight of 2013, this video was part to a presentation of the AIGA 2013 Medal awards for which Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones were awarded.


May the Font Be With You →

Typographic shenanigans in poster form, from H-57.

Hat-Trick Typographic Card Deck by Jim Sutherland

Hat-Trick Typographic Card Deck by Jim Sutherland →

The Hat-Trick Card Deck by Jim Sutherland

Are you a… Type Snob!? →

Type Snob, call for entries. To earn this distinguished title submit your work in this year’s Type Directors Club competitions.

Webponce’s Visual Dictionary →

Launched in February 2006, The Visual Dictionary is a massive collection of searchable user submitted typographic photographs with over 7,500 images of over 4,000 words.