Video : The Type Desk

Living the Language with EF

Living the Language with EF →

I can’t stop watching these beautiful advertisements for EF (Education First) Language Schools.

The Moleskine Debossing Process

The Moleskine Debossing Process →

A charming video showing the process behind custom debossed Moleskines.

Shinichi Maruyama’s Liquid Sculptures

Shinichi Maruyama’s Liquid Sculptures →

Shinichi Maruyama works with water and ink to create “liquid sculptures.”

Epic Google Docs Animation

Epic Google Docs Animation →

The idea of sitting through any Powerpoint/Keynote makes my eyes glaze over, but I must have watched this Google Doc presentation at least a dozen times.

Manifold Clock

Manifold Clock →

Studio Ve’s Manifold Clock gives a new meaning to the relationship between space and time.

Doodling and Knot Theory

Doodling and Knot Theory →

Check out this fast-paced and pun-filled video by Vi Hart, where she uses knot theory and mathematics to draw snakes, ropes, and möbius strips.